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About Scott Ferrell

In 1983 I entered the United States Marine Corps Reserves and completed Boot camp and Infantry Training School. In 1988, while I was in the reserves and attending College at Hardin Simmons University, I also entered the Abilene Police Department Police Academy. I completed my education at Hardin Simmons and graduated in 1991 with a degree in Bachelor of Behavioral Science.

Since completing and graduating from the police academy, I have been a full time officer and detective in numerous capacities for APD. I have worked 20 years as an officer on patrol and I was also privileged to be assigned to the police department’s SWAT Team as a Sniper. I completed numerous classes while on the Sniper Team to include both the Basic and Advanced FBI Sniper Course training. I have also served in the Criminal Investigation Division investigating Property Crimes and my most recent assignment has been in the Major Investigations Bureau where I have been since 2009. In this group I work with many other tactical agencies including Homeland Security and the FBI and some of my focuses are on drug and human trafficking.

Personally I enjoy riding my Harley, my family, my extended family, volunteering for the safety team at my church where I am able to help train others in the proper use and tactics of firearm usage. I am an avid proponent of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution so firearm knowledge and respect is a priority to me. I will always achieve the greatest fulfillment in helping others in all capacities of my career and in my personal life.

Firearms Transfers:

13 Stars Firearms is happy to facilitate your firearms transfers from another dealer if you purchase a gun from an online auction or website. E-mail us with your name, contact information, item description, auction and auction number, and e-mail address of the dealer we need to send our license to. We only accept transfers from other FFL dealers - none from individuals.

You must be able to pass an FBI background check and meet all the Federal requirements for a buyer as specified on ATF Form 4473 or we can not transfer the firearm to you.

Fee for Gun Transfers are $25.

Class III Firearms and Suppressors

13 Stars Firearms is licensed to sell Class III firearms. We can help you if you want to purchase a suppressor, short barrelled rifle or shotgun, or any other firearm classified as Class III by the BATF. 13 Stars Firearms will walk you through the regulatory paperwork and process and help you properly take all the steps to get approved by the BATF and receive your stamp.

13 Stars Firearms has access to a wide selection of suppressors from Silencerco, Gemtech, Surefire, AAC, Yankee Hill Machine, Dead Air Armament, Barrett Firearms, Bushmaster, B & T, CGS Group, Magnum Research, Q, Rugged Suppressors, Ruger, Sig Sauer, and others. Give us a call to discuss your needs.
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